New Pope Calls For World Peace In Easter Message

Delivering his first message as the new Pope, Francis I called for world peace and an end to the tensions over in Korea. The new pope is creating quite a sensation for his washing of the feet of a group of young inmates that included a Muslim and even two young women, as a sign of humility and love. And his willingness to just live in a simple room at a Vatican owned hotel and to meet with the poor and express his love for those in poverty mark the life of one of the most remarkable spiritual leaders that the Catholic Church has ever had in their nearly 2,000 year old history.

Although this new pope still upholds all of the traditional teachings of the church, his new style of simpleness, foregoing personal luxury and a deep love for the poor are an incredible display of faith that act as a witness to the world that this is a truly new sort of spiritual leader for the Catholic Church and one of the very best leaders that this church could have chosen at this point in their history.

With world tensions rising over in Korea, the pope’s message appealing for calm display the traditional importance of the pope to act as an international peacemaker, calling on disagreeing parties to work out their sharp differences through peacefully diplomacy rather than through the sword.

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