Hyundai’s HND-9 Luxury Sports Concept Car

Hyundai is using the big 2013 auto show in Seoul to show off a brand new concept luxury sports coupe, the HND-9. There’s a strong possibility that many of the features of the new concept car could find it’s way into production at Hyundai in the near future given Hyundai’s efforts to go from concept to production cars. Previous Hyundai models have pretty much made it into production virtually intact from the original concepts cars. The HND-9 is probably a good predictor of future Hyundai models or at least it’s technology trends.

The car manages to pull an awesome 364 horsepower out of the turbocharged 3.3liter engine mated to an eight speed automatic transmission. The car is a traditional rear wheel drive sports model, with American type of performance and horsepower, probably meaning that the car could have broad appeal in the upscale American as well as Asian markets.

Right now millionaires in China look to Chinese built Buick models, but Hyundai could be making a strong inroad in that market if they build cars like this raising the bar for GM to build more state of the art luxury sports Buick models to compete.

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