The SYFY Channel helped to produce this made for cable TV movie that’s a real gem that stands out from most of your run-of-the-mill made for cable films. GHOST STORM is both original and thoroughly enjoyable. This movie was good enough for theater release, and is a very worthwhile weekend DVD rental movie. Grab a bag of popcorn and get set to enjoy this one big time!

A mysterious lightning storm hits a grave in a cemetery and sets free a storm of ghosts that kill everything in their path burning humans to mere dust. This film includes the best elements of disaster movies, science fiction and horror movies. And the special effects are very good as well as the story. At time the acting is a little bit dopey, but even that can’t hurt a movie this good overall.

A sheriff and his family accept the reluctant help from a paranormal researcher who helps them as much as he can to come up with some possible way to stop these evil spirits from destroying everything in it’s path. It’s like an evil twister of spirits gone wild.

The Bottom Line: A very enjoyable popcorn movie that makes for a great night of fun with no annoying ads like the cable TV presentation. ***(Three Stars Good. Buy or rent this one!).

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