NBC Claims To Be Standing By Matt Lauer

Amid swirling rumors that NBC may be getting ready to dump TODAY SHOW host Matt Lauer in favor of Anderson Cooper, NBC put out some statements standing by Lauer, and may even be in the middle of some improved salary talks for paying $25 million or better to the embattled morning talk and news host.

Stories of on the set frictions between Matt Lauer led to Ann Curry leaving the popular show which began to sag in the ratings to second place behind ABC’s GOOD MORNING AMERICA. But, some sources claim that there wasn’t frictions between the two, that Ann Curry was a very serious journalist and poor chemistry really existed between the two hosts, where they seemed like an ill fit on the show.

From morning to night, NBC just seems to have an abundance of ratings and personal problems. The on-going problems with THE TODAY SHOW, through to prime-time to their late night talk show plans to dump Jay Leno only illustrate why this badly managed network is down to #5 among the networks.

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