More 2015 Ford Mustang Renderings Leaked

AutoGuide and Motor Trend seem to to have enough industry insiders willing to slip them a good news story. And one of the best stories out of Dearborn right now is the steady leak of a few artist renderings as well as clay models of what is expected to be the next generation of the Ford Mustang for 2015.

While the new model contains a few traditional-retro styling cues from the previous years, the car is mostly an all-new and far more sleek car for the future that is decidedly more sports car-like in style than previous Mustangs. Looking more aggressive than the Ford Probe, that 1990’s experiment to replace the Mustang with a Mazda-designed import frame, the all-new 2015 Mustang should have an awesome powertrain to match it’s looks.

With high tech, some cars like the Mustang, Camaro, Challenger and the Corvette should only continue to add more and more raw brute horsepower in the future, while still offering acceptable gas mileage as well as the best handling that the cars have ever offered.

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