L.A.D.A. Will Review Justin Bieber Incident

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing an assault episode where singer Justin Bieber reportedly spit on a neighbor after he complained about the singer racing around on his car at speeds close to 100mph in their high priced real estate neighborhood of Calabasas.

Despite the lack of physical contact such as blows, the D.A. office in L.A. often prosecutes spitting incidents as a form of assault because the act often is a prequel to other violence, is seen as provocative, and may contain some health risks such as AIDS.

Justin Bieber could find himself having to come in and submit to some health tests as well as facing a charge over the incident very soon. Maybe this juvenile and child-minded singer who races around and then spits on his neighbors needs to grow up a little, you think? What’s he, like 18 going on 10 years old now?

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