All The Nudes That’s Fit To Print: Debbie Gibson

Singer Debbie Gibson’s nude layouts in PLAYBOY and other photos only continue to be one of the biggest traffic draws here at Wizbang Pop. Every single day, her photo features continue to top the list of the most searched for items here at Wizbang Pop. Like near clockwork, fans of Wizbang Pop daily search for her photos here, making her photos among the most popular features here ever. Here’s a little photo tribute for all the fans of Debbie Gibson here.

Surprisingly, Debbie Gibson never seemed like the biggest selling pop star as a singer ever, yet as a nude model she is apparently one of the biggest stars of all time. Apparently, she well managed her career to find new life as one of the most popular nude models of recent years.

You can also check out PLAYBOY for even more photos of this most popular nude celebrity ever.

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  • james

    Still wont buy that rag