Octomom Being Investigated For Welfare Fraud

Both CBS and TMZ reports say that Octomom, Nadia Suleman is under investigation for possible welfare fraud by the L.A. County Department Of Welfare Fraud Investigation. Authorities believe that Suleman could have earned over $200,000 last year. She would be allowed to earn up to $119,000 because she has 14 dependent children. Authorities are looking at her income from her adult video and other sources of income to determine whether she deliberately understated her income to bilk the system.

Reportedly, investigators have been calling various employers or others who were sources of income to determine whether she understated her income to collect welfare payments and services. Further, it is highly unusual for anyone working as an adult actress to be on welfare because the pay scale is so high.

Suleman could face three or more years in prison, if charged and convicted of welfare fraud as state agencies look to tighten up qualifications as state budgets dry up. California itself has been especially hard hit among the states.

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