High School Employee Sends Kids Nude Photos Of Herself

A female employee of Ocala, Florida’s Vanguard High School must think that she’s a teacher or something, because she was arrested for sending nude photos to minor-aged male students of herself. Jody Teresa Onorato, 43, apparently found at least a couple of boys who were 17 or younger at the time to send her nude photos to. During a police investigation that was apparently recorded, Onorato apparently implicated herself by apologizing to the mother’s of the boys for sending them her nude photos.

Apparently, Onorato confessed to sending out numerous nude photos to the boys, claiming that she did so for attention. Yeah, the police noticed. She was arrested on 2 counts of transmitting harmful material to minors. And held on $10,000 bond.

I might beg to differ on the charge. Certainly what she did was highly inappropriate, and illegal, but harmful? Maybe, potentially woodie producing? But, as far as I know, no guy has ever died from having a woodie before.

At 43, Onarato apparently knew so much about cell phones, that she was able to produce her own nudie productions. At 57, I don’t even know how to operate a cellphone, so don’t expect older folks to ever have problems with sexting like these younger folks do. There must be a generational age cutoff for this form of sexual cellphone mischief.

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