Girls Softball Team Raffles AR-15 Assault Rifle

A girls softball team in St. Helens, Oregon must have figured out that boring candy sales to buy sports equipment just don’t cut it anymore, so they decided to auction off an AR-15 assault rifle instead. Tickets for this raffle can be bought for $10 each or $50 for six tickets. Only 330 total tickets will be sold, and the winning buyer needs to pass a background check so that he’s not some dangerous sort. Yet, this unusual raffle item and poster has become controversial.

Sort of raises the bar for Girl Scouts and their boring cookie sales, huh?

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  • The town nannies probably banned bake sales because brownies and cupcakes are bad for you. Too bad they limited ticket sales though. probably could have sold a lot more.

    • With all of the publicity, the manager who decided to sell this item really missed the boat here. The raffle could have now sold many times that limited 330 number. Those girls, aged 8-16 could have had the best uniforms in the business with the letters on their shirts made from real gold.

      Strange and maybe crazy, but it sold raffle tickets.