Concert Disasters: When Going Topless Didn’t Even Help

Of all of the classic concert disasters, one 2010 show by singer Tila Tequila probably rates as one of the greatest concert disasters for a performer of all time. There were several acts booked on the concert bill, but some suspected gang members who were fans of The Insane Clown Posse who wanted any warm-up and backup acts off the stage so that they could see their favorite band turned this show for the worst. When singer Tila Tequila took the stage, things began to take an ugly turn. The crowd started to act up and get rowdy, so the singer thought that going topless would entertain the mostly male audience that came to see The Insane Clown Posse, but instead it only seemed to make things worse where some in the crowd began to throw rocks and bottles, and even broke open the portable toilet to throw human waste and urine on the singer.

Despite security trying to protect the singer from injury she suffered some serious cuts to her face and left the show bloody and injured.

Sometimes fights or even stabbings take place in the audience at some concerts, but it’s very rare for a singer to suffer injuries like this because of a performance.

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