A Sheer Disaster?: Company Recalls See-Through Yoga Pants

Lululemon, a leading manufacturer of yoga pants for women has an embarrassing recall on their hands. It seems that their yoga pants are more transparent and see-through than they should be, not providing as good of coverage as they should be. As a result, the Vancouver, Canada based company has seen it’s stock value fall and now is stuck having to recall thousands of women’s yoga pants.

The company unfortunately has been no stranger to a little controversy. In 2010, the company faced an embarrassing situation when some reusable shopping bags made in China were made with polypropylene, which was feared to be possibly contaminated with high levels of lead, and the company removed them just as a precaution. But, in 2011, the company received it’s worst controversy yet, when one store employee, Brittany Norwood was convicted of the extremely violent murder of co-worker Jayna Murray. The murder victim had more than 300 injuries including stab wounds and head injuries. Norwood attempted to alter the crime scene to back up a phony attack and rape story that she made up. The prosecution was banned from presenting some evidence that would have made it’s case even stronger, but in the end Norwood was sentenced to life in prison.

Lululemon commands about a 17% share of the women’s yoga pants market, which is a pretty strong share.

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