History Channel’s Satan Actor Looks Like Obama

The History Channel was forced to issue an apology after receiving complaints that the actor playing Satan in their hit miniseries THE BIBLE looks like President Obama. It turns out that much of the filming was done overseas, and actor Mehdi Ouzanni had actually played roles in other Bible based movies before President Obama was even elected president, so was a natural choice to play Satan in this Bible-based miniseries.

Producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey tried to calm down the uproar at what was viewed as a political jab by some by claiming that all of the controversy was “utter nonsense”. And the History Channel noted that they have the “highest respect for President Obama” and offered an apology for what appeared to be a political stunt, but wasn’t.

It turns out that the actor, Mehdi Ouzanni, is an acclaimed actor in the Mideast region, who has been in demand in other productions, but the fact that he bears a striking resemblance to President Obama.

Gee, looking like the Devil isn’t such a good thing….

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