North Korea’s Own Giant Rubber Monster Movie

There’s a wild story to tell about North Korea’s own giant rubber monster movie from 1985, PULGASARI. It seems that Kim Jong-Il was such a fan of those Japanese rubber monster movies that he essentially forced South Korean director Shin Sang-ok who had been kidnapped by North Korean intelligence agents a few years earlier to produce a giant rubber monster movie to satisfy Kim Jong-Il’s love for the Godzilla series type movies.

And if the story of PULGASARI wasn’t strange enough, the leading actress in the film, Chou Eun-hee was also kidnapped and essentially forced to star in this film as well.

Like so many things from North Korea, PULGASARI is fifth rate. But, it’s a very curious entry among the Asian giant rubber monster movies because the story behind the film is better than the movie itself. What can you expect from a movie produced by none other than Kim Jong-Il?

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