Malachi Throne, 1960’s BATMAN Series Villain Actor Dies

Malachi Throne has died at the age of 84. He was the actor who played the villain False Face in the 1960’s BATMAN TV series. Although hardly as popular as the Joker, Riddler, Penguin or Catwoman, False Face was one of the best underrated villains in the history of the series, who was a master of the quick change and endless disguises. His villainous acts also were well underscored by some pretty good soundtrack music as well, that only helped to add to his sinister and mysterious nature. Throne was an excellent character actor who did a superb job with the role, making False Face one of the best villains in the series among the second tier villains.

To add to the mystery of False Face was his unknown identity. At the beginning credits he was listed as “?” playing as False Face. The semitransparent mask he wore only added to his mysterious and diabolical nature. He seemed less cartoonish than many of the major villains in the series, and more tailored to suit adult tastes that loved the series. Strangely, it was Clint Eastwood who proposed the character Two-Face, where False Face seemed to be inspired by that suggestion, but later Two-Face made it to the newer DARK KNIGHT franchise movies.

But, Malachi Throne also had quite a career acting in many other 1960’s and 70’s era TV shows including in THE DEFENDERS, THE OUTER LIMITS, STAR TREK, NAKED CITY, THE UNTOUCHABLES, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., LOST IN SPACE, HOGAN’S HEROES, THE FUGITIVE and BEN CASEY. He finally managed to get a major co-starring gig on the Robert Wagner series, IT TAKES A THIEF. He was a durable actor that TV producers could always turn to, who could expertly play any role he took.

Throne was also an acclaimed stage actor, who performed on Los Angeles and Hollywood stages. But, his role as False Face probably won him the most fan love and support. That was a memorable villain on BATMAN because he was so mysterious as well as such a fine actor. On the 1966 BATMAN MESSAGE BOARD, Malachi Throne was touted by his fans as one of the very villains ever in the series. And of course he was. He was a simply superb actor who will be well missed by his fans.

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