It Looks Like Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets To Keep Her Job

A reprieve seems to have saved Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s job over at THE VIEW, despite negative feelings by many viewers. Other cast members, including Barbra Walters must have appealed to the show’s producers to allow Hasselbeck to stay, party because she was a friend of the other cast members, and partly because the other cast members appreciated the importance of her conservative balance to their mostly liberal opinions. All of this proves that you can be the best of friends with someone even if you don’t agree on everything.

In other news, it is possible that Brooke Shields could be offered Joy Behar’s place on the show. It is rumored that she’s among the top picks to replace Joy Behar. Perez Hilton claims that a politically conservative Latina will replace Joy Behar. But, that seems unlikely because viewers don’t even react well to Hasselbeck’s conservative views, where she does best when offering views on nonpolitical issues. The show simply does best when the mostly liberal views represent the mostly liberal views of this show’s own audience. Viewers want what they already believe to simply be reaffirmed by the show’s panel it seems, rather than a true political debate.

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  • fustian24

    The real question is why Elizabeth Hasselbeck would want to stay.

    I can’t say I’ve spent much time watching the View, but the times I’ve seen it, the other “ladies” were pretty unpleasant.

    Stuff like Whoopi claiming that even though Roman Polanski raped a drugged out teen ager, it wasn’t really “rape-rape”. That’s gotta be pretty tough to sit through.

    Doesn’t Elizabeth have something better to do with her time?

    • Wow, that Roman Polanski remark was really out there by Whoopi. I hear some dumb views on THE VIEW. – But, now the late word today is that regardless of the panel on the show, Hasselbeck may be gone because of the producers, despite her support on the panel. Producers seem to have final say.

      BTW, I sure loved all your Wizbang caption entries this past week. You were on a real row and really in the “Zone” with great material.

      • fustian24

        Now and then the Gods of snark smile down on me.