Valerie Harper’s Farewell Tour?

Since she was recently diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer, and only expected to live as few as four more months, actress Valerie Harper has been a whirlwind tour of the talk and news show circuit, partially to inspire faith and hope, and partially to say goodbye to her many fans that she acquired over the years. The 73 year old actress is still looking positive and with hope for that miracle story to change her serious situation. She’s not giving up, and claims not to be saying goodbye. But, you only know that realistically what this tour is all about. When you are given a terminal illness warning by a doctor, you at least have some time to say goodbye to your loved ones compared to shocking or sudden deaths of other persons.

Valerie Harper was so popular of an actress that she ran for head of The Screen Actor’s Guild in 2001, but lost to Melissa Gilbert. She was the former star of THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, RHODA and VALERIE. Although a guest on many shows including THE SIMPSONS, her last regular series actually ended in 1987 when Valerie Harper walked out of the NBC show using her own name over a salary dispute, which made it a little harder for the actress to land a regular series after that dispute. NBC had to make a hasty replacement for Valerie Harper in her own series with actress Sandy Duncan, first renaming the show as VALERIE’S FAMILY and later, THE HOGAN FAMILY. THE HOGAN FAMILY also stared Justin Bateman, but actress Sandy Duncan faced her own problems with cancer, losing vision in her left eye as a benign tumor had to be removed interrupting her 1971 CBS TV show, FUNNY FACE.

While women probably best loved Valerie Harper as a comedy actress, many men probably best loved Valerie Harper as the sexy bandanna-wearing Rhoda. She was once so sexy, that some men’s magazines like HUSTLER’s defunct CHIC Magazine ran a full page artist’s rendition of what Valerie Harper would like nude wearing only her trademark RHODA bandanna.

I’m sure all the readers of Wizbang Pop here, offer Valerie Harper their best wishes as well as prayers for her full and complete recovery.

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