The New Rolls Royce 624hp Supercar!

Rolls Royce has just introduced an awesome new 624hp model, the Wraith, that goes from 0-60 in just 4.4seconds! Although weighing in at a hefty 5,000 pounds, the car is amazing light on it’s feet!

The interior is done in quality woodwork that will remind you slightly of the luxury of a high end ship or yacht, which is a fascinating accent to the sporty looking exterior of this incredible luxury model, which still has many of the traditional Rolls Royce lines such as a distinctive grill, despite the fact that the German automaker, BMW, now owns Rolls Royce. BMW has done wonders smoothing out the previously boxy designs of Rolls Royce, giving the cars a decidedly more sporty appearance, with a fastback look of a sloping back.

The car is expected to sell for a little above $300,000. But, for a V-12 powered supercar like this, with this good of fit and finish, you can expect a hefty price like this. But, worth every penny!

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