The Last Alvin Lee & Johnny Winter French Concert Poster

The sudden and unexpected death of British guitar legend Alvin Lee in Spain interrupted a planned concert show on April 7 in France with fellow guitar legend, Johnny Winter. Here’s this poster for this guitar legend superstar show which will now never be.

Both musicians are considered to be two of the greatest guitar legends in the history of rock music.

In his 45 year long career in music, Alvin Lee had issued on the order of 20 studio albums both with his old band, Ten Year After, and as a solo artist. And he guest starred on many more albums including THE LONDON SESSIONS with Jerry Lee Lewis and many others. Alvin Lee was one of rock music’s most prolific and energetic performers, able to take even the most simple blues or rock and roll riffs, and make them sound both complex and uniquely his own style.

Although, he performed many blues numbers, including one song he wrote, “The Bluest Blues”, which some critics suggest was the most perfect blues song ever written, Alvin Lee often left people feeling very happy when he wrote and played many retro 1950’s rocker numbers . To quote his retro rock song, “Keep On Rockin”, “When you’re feeling lonely, when you’re feeling down, Good old rock n’ roll will turn you around”. Alvin Lee certainly turned around the spirits of many persons and brought a lot of joy with his music.

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