Big Shakeup At THE VIEW: Joy Behar & Elisabeth Hasslebeck Out

Word is that the producers of THE VIEW are shaking up the cast. Joy Behar is the big name who appears to be leaving over a rumored salary dispute. Currently she earns $1.8 million a year, but it’s a little bit unclear whether producers want her to leave more than she wants to exit. The other personalty that is reportedly being fired is political conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck who was largely cast on the show to give it political balance. But, she tends to test poorly among viewers of the show, and appears to be the least qualified cast member, often appearing more naive than actually a strong enough personality for the female oriented talk show.

Joy Behar has been on the show for 17 years, since it’s beginning, and is a huge name to exit the show on uncertain terms, while Elisabeth Hasselbeck was more of an experiment that failed, as producers look for a better personality to fill out the cast of the show.

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  • Vagabond661

    With Behar on the show, it was really “The Rear View”.