NBC Urging Howard Stern To Take Over 12:35 Slot

Although NBC denied that it was getting ready to give Jay Leno the boot out the door, it appears that the Peacock network is now reportedly working on getting Howard Stern to take over the 12:35 time slot that will be vacated by Jimmy Fallon after he takes over the 11:35 TONIGHT SHOW slot. This could potentially give NBC a real power duo in the late night TV show ratings, as almost everything that Howard Stern has touched has turned to ratings gold.

NBC is looking at their sagging network ratings, and deciding that giving the younger Jimmy Fallon the TONIGHT SHOW slot will give the network a younger demographic as long as Jimmy Fallon doesn’t unexpectedly tank the way that Conan O’Brien did when given the same earlier time slot in a previous failed experiment.

NBC is taking a huge risk here. Leno has a strong audience and no one does a better monologue in the business than him. His funny views on the news are always worth a watch. Whenever something big is in the news, you always want to see Jay Leno’s take on the news. No one else does as good with the current news commentary with the exception of Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, but that’s cable TV.

Howard Stern is no

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