Top Cardinal Admits To Sexual Misbehavior

A top cardinal who would have been part of the selection process to choose the next pope admitted to sexual misbehavior today, presenting more proof of a corrupt church organization that’s rotten from the top down that still serious spiritual overhaul. Cardinal Keith O’Brien was Britain’s top cardinal Roman Catholic leader, but he was himself was forced to resign last Monday among rumors of sexual misconduct towards other priests. Today, this cardinal admitted that his “sexual conduct” fell below the standards “acceptable to be a priest, archbishop and cardinal”.

Out of several allegations made by other priests or seminary students, O’Brien engaged in heavy drinking one night then made sexual advances on a priest. In another instance, O’Brien made sexual advances on a troubled priest who came in for counseling while he was archbishop. At least four priests or seminary students claimed that O’Brien acted in an inappropriate manner to them, and perhaps more priests simply did not report incidents.

Interestingly, O’Brien turned into a critic of celibacy for priests, rightly claiming that it is not something supported by scripture, but church traditions. In fact, it was the Apostle Paul who wrote about celibacy of church leaders, and only encouraged it some circumstances where certain church leaders need this freedom from a wife or family because of their work. But, for most priests or other church leaders, this is not needed or required. Paul also spoke about about the spiritual state of “seven churches” comparing those that were more spiritual than others, and some churches which were not seen as being really of God, although professing to be Christian. Celibacy for priests became a third century practice, nearly three hundreds years after Christ after the Councils Of Elvira in A.D. 306 and Carthage in A.D. 390. But, this church’s unBiblical position here has only resulted in serious damage to this church because of problems with fornication and sexual abuse and misconduct.

In the case of Cardinal Keith O’Brien, he was forced to sign a statement endorsing the church’s position of homosexuality, celibacy and other sexual areas, only setting himself up to fail because he couldn’t really live up to these standards himself.

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