Ohio Landlord Arrested For Spanking His Tenant

53 year old Ohio businessman, Ron Kronenberger. is facing criminal charges after he asked a 29 year old male tenant who was $2800 late on his rent to bend over a chair and take a bare bottom belt whipping for being late on the rent. Kronenberger has now become a joke among the late night comics like Jay Leno for his bizarre actions that have now resulted in assault charges. Some have also asked why a grown man would willingly bend over a chair and bare his bottom for another man to spank him unless something interesting was going on between the two men.

At any rate, this respected local community businessman who runs a local grocery store has raised more than a few eyebrows because of his actions, now becoming the subject of many jokes.

While many might recoil in either laughter or horror from this story, strangely there might even be a few guys who would sure like to be Kronenberger’s tenant and can’t wait to put in their application to rent and might even just pay their rent late on purpose.

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