Teacher Gets Pregnant Teaching “Emotionally Disturbed” Teens

Everyone remembers that one special teacher. And one special teacher who taught high schoolers with special needs will remember one special student. He got her pregnant. Kelly Watson, 34, was sentenced to three years probation as well as a lifetime of being a parent after she found herself pregnant as a result of her inappropriate sexual relationship with a 17 year old student she met while teaching high schoolers who were “emotionally disturbed”. A California judge ordered counseling for the Vista area teacher who is expecting her love child around April 5, but declined to have her register as a sex offender or to jail or prison time.

Judge Laura Watson said the illegal and inappropriate relationship and resulting pregnancy “was not an ideal parenting situation”. You think? But, the judge seemed moved by the willingness of both parties to raise the child.

Boy, will a couple of proud parents have a real story to tell their child one day how they met and how that child came to be. Sure beats all those corny stork stories, huh?

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