Holy Crap! Pat Robertson Urges Prayer Over Goodwill Sweaters!

Leave it up to aging Baptist Evangelist Pat Robertson to always try to sound like a reasonable and sensible religious leader even if he’s promoting some religious viewpoint that seems better suited to THE TWILIGHT ZONE than to anything else. In response to a letter from a follower of Robertson who wondered if demons could live in used clothing bought from thrift shop businesses like the Goodwill, Robertson suggested that praying over used sweaters and other thrift shop items can’t hurt. WTF?

Rev. Pat, here’s something that you didn’t consider here. Regardless of who people are or what they’ve done in their lives, they probably donated to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, Volunteers Of America, or disabled veterans organizations with the good intentions of helping someone. When someone buys items from organizations like this, they’re acting out of compassion to the less fortunate. How can evil spirits or demons exist in that?

So you try washing them out, you try bleaching them out, but your shirts still end up with demons around the collar….Who would have guessed that your Goodwill shirt or sweater may be little more than some portal of the damned where demons attempt to lure the wearer into the inner sanctums of the dark world?

Gee, thanks Rev. Pat for clearing all this up for us. I only thought that the Goodwill was there to help the handicapped. Thank God you warned the public that the Goodwill is really the lair of the Devil himself.

But, the dire warnings of Rev. Pat won’t be enough to keep me away from the Goodwill. I’ve seen too many inspirational stories of handicapped and physically challenged people who’s lives have been improved by this fine organization to stop shopping there. Call me a tool of the Devil, Rev. Pat, but I have a soft spot in my heart for some mentally retarded worker that is able to take pride in having work and living an independent life, and sure don’t mind buying from the Goodwill as often as I please, thank you, very much…

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