Tabloid Claims George W. Bush Suffering From Alzheimer’s Disease

THE GLOBE is notorious for publishing dead wrong information, so don’t take anything they print as the Gospel truth. This latest issue of THE GLOBE is probably another good example. One story claims that friends of former President George W. Bush claim to fear that he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, and that he’s become so depressed about his father’s deteriorating health that he’s gone back to drinking. But, likely both claims are dead wrong. The former president is likely way too young to be suffering from anything like Alzheimer’s. Further, it seems highly doubtful that former president has gone back to drinking. Those days are far behind him.

This latest issue also claims that the pope has little time to live. Yet, no known health crisis issues other than age related issues exist for him. Likely, this pope still has some more good years to enjoy his retirement.

THE GLOBE might sell a few newspapers with stories like this. But, likely few of these stories are all that accurate. Both the former president and the pope are likely in far better condition than this tabloid states.

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