Naughty Bikini Baristas, Naughty Bikini Baristas….

Yet another Washington state bikini barista coffee stand business has found itself in hot water as police made arrests for serving more than just coffee. Two Grab-N-Go coffee stands were the subject of police surveillance up in Everett, Washington, and police arrested several women aged 16 to 29 who performed sexual acts and allowed customers to fondle their breasts for pay without actually buying coffee. In other cases, the young women exposed their breasts or privates, or licked whipped cream off each other, or performed sexually provocative acts that were better suited to strip clubs than to your neighborhood coffee business.

The bikini barista coffee businesses have had ongoing problems up in Washington state, and each year since 2010, police have made arrests at various businesses where the young women engage in sexually provocative acts or else let customers fondle their body parts for pay.

Actually, you can look at things one of two ways: 1.This is simply terrible public behavior and an outrage. Or, 2. These naughty bikini barista have now raised the bar for Starbucks baristas to do a whole lot better to justify their own coffee prices.

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