John Wayne’s Stolen Rifle Recovered

A movie memorabilia Winchester rifle used by John Wayne in THE MAN THAT SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE and a shotgun rifle used by William Holden in THE WILD BUNCH were recovered after a Summertime theft from Movie Madness. Movie Madness is a Portland, Oregon area video store and movie memorabilia museum. The guns were stolen after a customer was able to break open a glass display case and slip out the door with the two stolen rifles, which were both said to be worth considerable amounts of money. The owner of the business, Mike Clark considered both items to be lost forever. But, video surveillance tapes did record images of the crook leaving with the stolen items.

This week, in a strange story, another man who claimed to find both guns up at Mt. Tabor park in a black plastic bag returned the guns to Movie Madness, claiming that he knew what they were and that they belonged to the store.

Police identified the man who stole the valuable movie guns, but so far he has avoided arrest.

Owner of Movie Madness, Mike Clark is very grateful that the priceless stolen weapons were recovered.

Movie Madness has a museum of some of the greatest movie props of all time including priceless dresses and props from famous movies such as PULP FICTION, ALIENS, BONNIE & CLYDE, THE WIZARD OF OZ, PSYCHO, THE TIME MACHINE, CITIZEN KANE and many other films. Just recently, Movie Madness added a full scale model of Lon Chaney Sr.’s head from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. One of the managers of Movie Madness has a friend who is a Portland area artist who does work on resin models he provides for the combination video store and movie museum. In addition to the actual props and costumes used in many famous films, Movie Madness has a huge display of these carefully hand-painted very small production resin models of monsters, aliens and other creatures from horror and science fiction films.

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