It’s The Jesse Jackson Jr. Stolen Campaign Funds Shopping Spree!

Wow! Just look at all the cool stuff that convicted former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandi Jackson, a former city councilwoman in Chicago, bought with stolen campaign funds!!! What a great shopping spree at campaign donors expense!!!

1. A $43,000 Rolex watch! No cheap Tijuana watch with a phony Rolex name one on it. The Jacksons went all out to buy the very best with their embezzled campaign funds. You can’t beat real Rolex quality! Then again, the Jacksons won’t be able to beat prison time either!

2. As long as the parents are treating themselves to the very best with stolen campaign funds, why not treat the kids too! A $313.89 stuffed toy bear from Build-A-Bear sure beats those Walmart stuffed bears from China the other kids have to live with! When it’s not your own money, why not buy the best?

3. Why not spend $28,000 buying some Michael Jackson memorabilia as well! Who wouldn’t want to own high priced collectors items once owned by the deceased King Of Pop! Michael Jackson misspent his own money, so why shouldn’t his fans also misspend theirs as well, especially if that money’s been stolen form others!

4. $8,000 for mounted elk heads? Elk heads? That seems kind of rural and redneck for this inner-city raised congressman? Maybe if some duck call tycoon from Buttwipe, Alabama spent thousands on Elk heads to decorate his digs, this would make sense? But, Jesse Jackson Jr. from Chicago? WTF? In fact, double WTF?

When you embezzle $750,000 from your campaign donors, you can certainly enjoy the best of things. I guess they just don’t pay congressmen enough these days, where a little theft of campaign funds helps to keep our members of congress in the best of watches and furs, and elk heads….

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