Japan’s Economy Struggles With Record Trade Deficit Woes

Japan’s economy is limping along in the developed world economic community, now struggling with record trade deficits as the Asian industrial giant has been forced to import fuel as Japan’s nuclear reactors remain shutdown for safety concerns. Further, the country’s currency has weakened, although that only has helped to increase exports slightly somewhat, but not enough to overcome and offset some other critical reasons that Japanese exports remain soft right now. Japanese exports remain weak right now because of trade disputes with China and the European Union only continues to have ongoing problems with some debtor nations. The economic outlook in nations like Greece and Spain still remains critical there.

The weakness of the economic situation in nations like Japan, China and Europe is only a further drag on American efforts to revive the U.S. economy, which is at least more healthy than at least some of these other troubled economic zones.

Better sales of vehicles such as Toyota and Honda automobiles in China, as trade frictions ease will be key to Japan turning around their trade deficit woes along with the restart of the nation’s nuclear reactors.

The developed nations economic interdependence is so great, that problems for one or two, usually mean some problems for all.

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