General Mills Targeted By AntiGay Marriagers

Who would ever thought that Lucky Charms could become a focal point for some controversy, but the far right group, ACTRIGHT, along with Morality In Media, a group that perennially complains about supermarket magazine displays like the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit Issue are teaming up to attack the popular cereal and food maker, General Mills, after they decided to throw their support behind a future ballot measure in Minnesota supporting Gay Marriage. Likely, General Mills felt that it would be good for business to appear to be socially progressive, but the company which also produces products like Progresso, Betty Crocker, Gold Medal, Wheaties and many name brand products is now facing a product boycott by ACTRIGHT and Morality In Media. The ACTRIGHT website boasts of gathering 18 boycott signatures just this week alone! Wow! That’s some overwhelming public support right there! No wonder the Lucky Charms producer decided that it was a good business decision and good corporate policy to be known as a company that opposes discrimination in both it’s hiring policies as well in it’s public policy as well.

To say that ACTRIGHT and Morality In Media may be socially retarded organizations might be putting it mildly. Wanting to keep Betty Crocker stuck in some kitchen, and not in a good job as a corporate leader, can’t be very popular with many women….

But, General Mills might have figured one thing out here. Even what seems like a good business decision, that will appeal to some customers will only offend a few others. Business is like Ying and Yang.

For the record, ACTRIGHT has also targeted Starbucks with their wrath as well for their support for Gay marriage. But, most people don’t like Starbucks for their coffee prices, where a good cup of coffee seems to cost almost as much as a new Chevrolet in the minds of some folks.

ACTRIGHT is also critical of the Southern Poverty Law Center as well, an organization originally set up to sue the Ku Klux Klan for civil rights violations for wrongful deaths such as an innocent African American man who was murdered by being drug behind a car to his death. Any group that acts as apologists for murderers and hate groups can’t be all good, right? Kind of makes you wonder whether members of ACTRIGHT wear their white sheets rather than use them on their beds like most normal people do. Not many sane or normal people oppose groups that oppose the murder of innocent people. ACTRIGHT is kind of on their own with political positions like this. Mainstream Republican politicians including even Ronald Reagan have long publicly condemned extremist politics like this on many occasions.

And few people would really take the time to oppose the Lucky Charms mascot on political grounds. If that doesn’t seem like a full time occupation for a lunatic, then I don’t what does.

Once again, thanks to that lunatic fringe group, Morality In Media and their kookster friends in ACTRIGHT for providing yet another incredible WTF? moment….

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