America’s Very Worst Businesses: Comcast

To say that Comcast runs their business like gangsters would be an insult to gangsters. Comcast is far less ethical and honest than your average organized crime organization. The Internet is filled with numerous posts on how disgruntled users, who are routinely abused by this FCC sanctioned telecommunications giant do their unethical and dirty form of business each day.

The experience of many of this company’s customers is little short of putting up with one outrage after another. Yet, the FCC does very little to reign in this unethical company which should really be banned from operation by federal regulators.

Probably, many of the company’s customers experiences are about the same as mine. In 2010, I had a housefire caused by a defective new Coby television, where Coby failed to send me a postcard notice not to use their TV because it was the subject of fire hazard recall by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. I came close to losing my life in this fire, and firemen and rescue workers rolled out a stretcher to take me to the hospital for severe smoke inhalation as well as being subjected to extreme heat from the fire. I recovered from this, but even though the home was heavily damaged, Comcast refused to let me cancel their cable TV service for the year long period in which the house was mostly torn down, and insisted that I continue to pay them monthly service rates for a service they didn’t have to provide for a full year. Comcast is one of few businesses in the U.S. that charges customers for services that they don’t provide. There’s probably not much difference from this and what the law defines as pure theft. Just like some organized crime family, once Comcast pulls you in, they won’t let you go. Good luck trying to actually cancel service with this company or to go with another service like Dish or Satellite. You pretty signed away your life when you made the fateful decision to seek any service from this awful company.

And there’s other problems with this company including sending bills to the wrong mailing addresses. Sending agents to take back the cable TV equipment if some consumers are a little bit late on their bills because of some illness or other financial emergency, yet charging these customers close to four times the basic service rate for service which has been effectively disconnected from the consumer. Once again the word theft comes to mind, charging customers four times the going rate for basic service for a disconnected service. And of course, the company lies, claiming that the FCC authorized them to do that, which seems like an incredible fib. Other cases, the company looks to cut cable wires connected to consumers homes, which are the property of the consumer, when disconnecting the connection from a public property such as street pole would be the ethical choice.

And there’s other Comcast dirty tricks such as charging customers some big fee to bring their equipment back and reconnect their service, although they still charge customers just a little under $80 a month for the service they disconnected, which exceeds the bare bones basic service rate of around $20 a month by nearly four times.

Some customers who have been making payments to this telecommunications giant have had their accounts handed over to collection agencies and been forced to pay fees, even though they were making the company payments. Further, many customers have been harassed by as many as four bills sent within periods of as little as six days, asking for wildly varying amounts of money from the company, along with sometimes as many as three to four phone calls a day from Comcast demanding payment from customers that already made previous payment arrangements. In every possible way this is one of the worst companies in the United States, yet federal regulators do little to shut this company down and let some honest people run an ethical cable utility. A lot of good the FCC does when you have people like this able to operate without serious government sanctions for some of their very worst business practices.

And none of this has to do with other customers who have had numerous problems with service, including technical interruptions, or having to call the company, again and again for service. Some customers have problems with services they paid for being scrambled, where they have repeated service issues trying to get problems like this fixed.

The pay of the top CEO of Comcast, Brian Roberts raked in a $26.9 million dollar salary and benefits deal for 2011, and you wonder why your cable TV bill is so high? Thank God for FCC regulation!

Here’s to you Comcast. A quick Google search of bad customer experiences with your company tells what they think about it. And it’s not a very good opinion, BTW.

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