The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac RUMOURS Edition

Certainly, Fleetwood Mac’s landmark 1977 album RUMOURS, their 11th studio album was a real milestone among rock music albums, selling 26 million copies worldwide. The album spurred off four hit singles, “Go Your Own Way” #10 Jan 1977, “Don’t Stop” #3 April 1977, “Dreams” #1 June 1977 and “You Make Loving Fun” #9 Sep 1977. Even in a small population country like Canada, the album sold an incredible two million copies, an amazing feat. The original album 39:03 in music, but was remastered on Cd form in 2004 with extra tracks, but now a newly expanded six disc version of the album is available that includes four cds, one DVD, and one high quality 18 gram vinyl pressing version of the remastered album in a boxed set form.

The six disc super deluxe version of the album includes the ROSEBUD DVD documentary of the group. The first cd is the original album in remastered form along with the single B-side, “Silver Springs”. Cd two of the boxed set is entirely comprised of live songs including many from RUMOURS along with other favorites like “RHIANNON”. Discs four and five of boxed set are outtakes from the album including some works in progress songs that didn’t make it on the album as well as working versions of the albums songs in raw states of progress.

If you’re a true fan of this album, like so many millions of other persons, then you really need to get this excellent box set of what many music critics believe to be perhaps one of the most perfect albums of the rock era. This album was a true classic, and this is the best version of this album ever issued.

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