Country Singer Mindy McCready Dead At 37

Troubled Country Western music singer Mindy McCready has died of an apparent suicide at the age of 37. The singer had been in rehab recently and had been deeply troubled since her 34 year old boyfriend, David Wilson, died a little over a month ago from suicide. A reporter for NBC DATELINE, Andrea Canning received a phone call from McCready’s best friend, who claimed that the singer died from a self-inflicted gunshot. This leaves her two small boys without a mother.

The singer has had a real struggle with both alcohol and mental health issues in recent weeks which worsened since the death of her boyfriend. The Florida born singer was a top act on the BNA record label along with other big country acts such as John Anderson, also from Florida. In 2010, a leaked videotape of the singer having sex with a boyfriend was bought and widely distributed by Vivid Entertainment.

McCready once claimed to INSIDE EDITION that she had a relationship with baseball star Roger Clemens that begun when she was just 15 years old, but turned sexual when she was 16 years old. She also faced arrests and other problems for attempting to obtain the highly addictive painkiller, Oxycontin, with a fake prescription, and faced other arrests for DUI and battery as well. She was featured on Dr. Drew’s celebrity rehab show in season three.

Her boyfriend, record producer David Wilson shot himself to death last month. Now, the singer joins him in death following his example this month. It was a sad end to the singer who’s troubled personal life often overshadowed her talent and her top ten singles on the country music charts.

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