While the Oscars seek to reward only moderately good pictures that did rather poor business at the box office, such as LES MISERABLES, a so-so musical if ever was one, one film festival yearly will honor films who deliberately try to be as outrageous and bad as possible. The Pollygrind Film Festival yearly rewards some of the most outrageous achievements in filmmaking that combines the shticks of exploitation films with arthouse films. The result is winners such as DEAR GOD NO!, which combined a heaping portion of boobs, bikers and blood to win the Best Exploitation Film category in 2011.

DEAR GOD NO! was a deliberate attempt to recreate a comically violent and outrageous recreation of a late 1960’s or early 70’s era biker exploitation movie, that combined absurd levels of violence, plenty of topless dancers wearing Nixon masks, a furry monster and levels of sexual depravity as well. It’s so over the top, that the film is simply hilarious.

You might find it hard to find DEAR GOD NO! in the town you live in. But, this absurd NC-17 rated film is a worthwhile example of outrageous exploitation at it’s very best. This is a good example of grindhouse meets arthouse if ever there was one.