Bloody Cricket Bat Further Incriminates Oscar Pistorius

The murder case against Oscar Pistorius only strengthened after South African police took in a bloody cricket bat as evidence that they believe that 26 year old amputee Olympic runner may have used to crush the skull of his 30 year old model girlfriend, then fired four 9mm gun shots into her face and body. The claim of Pistorius that the death of his girlfriend was some tragic accident seems to defy belief, compared to the violent facts of the case that police have released. Some reports claim that Pistorius was tested for drugs because the crime scene was so violent and his behavior was so bizarre.

Reeva Steenkamp was still in her nightie, and the 9mm gun holster of Pistorius was found in the same bedroom, suggesting that the violent episode may have started in the bedroom, and then Pistorius drug her body downstairs with some claimed attempt to revive her. Instead of calling police, Pistorius reportedly called his father. His father also doubts his son’s account that the violent episode was some sort of tragic accident.

Oscar Pistorius is still being held by police under arrest and bail is highly unlikely in this crime where the evidence is building against the once inspirational story of this amputee runner often called the “blade runner” as a reference to the very popular science fiction story.

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