Triumph “The Insult Ocean Cruiser”

Carnival’s disabled ocean cruise liner, Triumph finally was limped toward port in Mobile, Alabama, ending what had to be one of the worst vacations nightmares of many person’s entire life after a Sunday fire in the engine room left the damaged ship without running water and food and other services were scarce or nearly stopped. Since Sunday, the 4,000 persons aboard the damaged ship lived in terrible conditions as toilets and sinks were not working, and the 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew members were miserable. Some persons had to be removed from the damaged ship due to health problems.

For it’s part, the cruise lines offered passengers a free trip on another ocean liner, but few seemed very excited about that offer. Most were simply glad just to get off this ship.

For tax purposes, most of the world’s ocean cruise ships seem to registered to a poor country, Liberia. That fact probably makes passengers aboard ships like Triumph feel even better about this vacation trip from hell, where conditions were barely much better than being stranded on GILLIGAN’S ISLAND. At least some persons were so glad to be off the ship and on the shore that some even kissed the ground.

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  • Vagabond661

    This is going to make some law firms very rich.

    • Under normal circumstances you would normally think so, but the cruise liner industry was expecting to have more problems after some incidents in which people lost their lives, etc. So lawyers for the industry not only have registered the ships to a poor country, Liberia, with very lax laws and legal rules, but also inserted language into the ticket contracts that passengers sign to prevent passengers from suing in any circumstance. Likely, passengers take their lives in their own hands when then they spend good money to sail on these high priced vacation trips, with little to no legal recourse open in the event of things such as a bad trip, robbery, burglary, rape or even murder.

  • MunDane68

    They register in Liberia for Caribbean cruises because of treaties with most countries allowing low port fees with ships registered with that country. The cruise industry has its own inspectors and the engine fire, while not exactly common, was pretty much handled with class and elan.