Sen. Marco Rubio Now Marketing Water Bottles

Only a couple of days after taking his ill-timed sip of water from a water bottle way too far from where he was speaking during what was supposed to his big political opportunity on center stage offering up the Republican Party response to the President’s State Of The Union Address, but instead becoming the laughing stock of the late night comics, Florida’s Republican U.S. Senator Marco Rubio is beginning to market water bottles for $25 a pop through his political action committee. Rubio is today Tweeting that “Quench your thirst for conservative leadership?”, and then offers up an ordering link for the bottles, trying to make the best of his bad performance.

But, Senator Rubio has little to fear that he became a political joke because of just one bad speech. In 1988, Bill Clinton gave a simply awful and long winded speech at the Democratic Convention that year, that was joked about and laughed at for a long time. But, Clinton learned a lot from this experience. Improved his speaking ability, gave better and more concise speeches and rebounded to be elected president twice, leaving office as one of the most popular ex-presidents in recent memory. One bad speech isn’t a career ender.

Stephen Colbert probably takes credit for the funniest take on the water incident, making a really big performance by rolling around on the floor and rolling over to a bookcase several feet away from his desk, and then spilling a water bottle all over himself. But, Jon Stewart, David Letterman and others deserve good mention for their gags about “Waterbottlegate” as well.

Colbert also joked that, “Don’t worry, Sen. Rubio….no one noticed that you gave a speech” in between his way too many hand gesture distractions and ducking off camera for a bottle of water in what was supposed to be the biggest speech of this young politician’s career, but instead became one of the best unintentional political comedy moments ever.

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