Nike Now Has A Murder Scandal

First, Nike had an image problem for the company only a few days ago when cyclist Lance Armstrong confessed that he did indeed cheat and use illegal blood doping to help to win his bicycle races. Now, the company has a far worse scandal when the story of inspirational double amputee runner Oscar Pistorius turned into rust today, as the South African native was arrested for the violent murder of his girlfriend. The 26year old Olympic athlete was one of Nike’s sponsored personalities, and most inspirational stories for the company. The company claimed this morning that it still stands by the athlete. But, likely that will quickly change once more information is known about the violence that resulted in the death of beautiful model girlfriend of the athlete.

Paramedics tried unsuccessfully to revive the 30 year old model, Reeva Steenkamp, at that scene, but with no success. Reportedly, the household had been the scene of domestic problems recently, until this most serious incident actually resulted in a violent death.

South Africa is known as one of the most violent countries in the entire world, with nearly 50 murders each day, second only to Columbia in gun murders. Columbia’s murders are propelled by a climate of drug violence, while South Africa’s murders seem to be a cultural problem in a country largely comprised of Dutch and British ancestry persons, along with the domestic population of traditional residents. Other violent crime problems such as rape, assaults, robbery, car jackings, etc. all are very high levels in this country. Unfortunately, Olympic athlete, Oscar Pistorius and his model girlfriend now only join these sad statistics as someone now charged with murder and a violent crime murder victim.

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