Chubby Checker Sues HP Over Penis Measuring App

Holy Christ! Hewlett Packard of all companies, along with Palm are being sued by veteran singer and entertainer Chubby Checker for developing and marketing an app by the same name as the performer that allows women to estimate their guy’s penis size based off his shoe size.

Apparently, this penis measurement app has been offered for a long time…a very long time, in fact. The singer has made attempts last year to get HP and Palm to either change their name of the app or something that would take the “Chubby Checker” name off the product.

Chubby Checker isn’t trying to be a real dick here. But, he’s so angry that he’s now suing both HP and Palm for a whooping $500 million. That’s more than a mouthful of money!

The singer was responsible for creating a whole dance craze back in 1960, when he took a fairly obscure R&B song, “The Twist”, and made a huge hit out of it by doing a cover version. He attempted more success with a number of other songs such as “Dance The Mess Around”, ‘Limbo Rock”, “The Hucklebuck”, “Pony Time”, but it almost seemed comical that he released so many songs that seemed like a sequel attempt to recapture the success of “The Twist”, such as “Let’s Twist Again” , “Slow Twisting”, “Twist It Up” , “The Twist(Yo Twist) and “Twistin’ USA”. You almost expected the singer to release some single at some point, “I Was Only Just Joking The Last 39 Times When I Said To Twist, But This Time I Really Mean It, Let’s Twist”. Never in recorded music history as any singer made so many attempts to recreate the success of one hit song that they once topped the charts with as with this song.

The 71 year old singer still performs shows, so it seemed like a pretty stupid decision on the part of HP to name some app after a living person without their approval, especially since this app may be controversial in nature. Unless something can be worked out in court, then expect some judge to have to look at the long and short of the facts here, and who’s pulling what here. It seems that HP pulled the penis measurement app back in September of 2012, likely due to the controversy, but now the singer decided to press a lawsuit after HP apparently complied with his requests.

Hey, sometimes the only thing you can do is to pull the penis app, it seems….

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