Redbox Won’t Get SKYFALL Until March 12

MGM is apparently tightly controlling the release of SKYFALL to some rental outlets like Redbox to maximize their profits. While the home DVD and Blu-ray release hit retail stores yesterday, bargain movie rental outlet, Redbox won’t be allowed to distribute the film in their $1.20 priced movie rental kiosks until March 12. Apparently, the once financially troubled MGM is looking to make as much money as possible off of home DVD sales and other more profitable outlets before dropping their $1 billion dollar grossing theater film off to the bargain rental route. That’s probably good business, but maybe a little bit frustrating to many persons anxious to watch the 23 outing of James Bond at home.

It looks like if you want to bring James Bond home, then you either need to spring for the DVD or Blu-ray, go to a higher priced rental outlet, or else just wait until March 12.

It is not known whether the Redbox DVD has all of the same features of the home DVD release, but often Redbox gets limited feature DVDS to distribute, that only contain the movie and no special features, where viewers are encouraged to spend more money to purchase the DVD or Bluray for more cool features.

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