Ke$ha Talks About “Making Out” & “Drinking Pee”?

Holy Christ, Ke$ha! While doing a BBC1 radio interview related to filming a new documentary for MTV entitled, “KE$HA:MY CRAZY BEAUTIFUL LIFE”, the popular singer of songs like “Tik Tok” claimed she included everything for the film including her “making out with dudes, drinking my own pee, jumping out of a building, jumping out of a aeroplane, swimming with sharks…”. Even worse, it was her own brother who had to film these claimed things for this documentary. Much worse yet, the public might have to watch this documentary as well.

Be sure to schedule your next root canal at the same time that this airs so you can miss this documentary.

BTW, Ke$ha, how long do you spend in the makeup chair each day just to look like total crap?

Do I smell a celebrity meltdown?

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  • when you have no talent, you have to resort to ‘shock’ or other attention-getting devices.

    • I have to agree. Her musical performance on SNL was perhaps the very worst that I can ever remember. It was simply awful. I just wasn’t impressed at all. Your average high school girl could have done far better than this performance.