Pope Benedict XVI To Resign Amid Scandals

Although the German born 85 year old Pontiff is citing health reasons, claiming that he no longer has the “strength” to continue in role as leader of the world’s largest Christian sect, probably the emotional toll of a seemingly endless saga of sexual scandals that were uncovered during his watch probably had much to do with the resignation, which will be effective on February 28, and the first resignation of a pontiff since 1415. A newly appointed Vatican prosecutor for sexual abuse cases, Father Robert Oliver also thanked the American press and journalists for their strong determination to press ahead and report the sexual scandals that started in Boston in 2002. Like many corrupt organizations, many in the church at first condemned these reports of wrongdoing, while more ethical and honest leaders within the church recognized this as an important spiritual cleaning of the institution.

Born as Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger in 1927 in Marktl, Bavaria, Germany, the young boy was conscripted into the Hitler Youth at age of 14 in 1941, and was later trained as antiaircraft child soldier and finally an infantryman near the end of war. He claims to have never have killed any allied soldiers in combat, claiming to have deserted his military group and was later captured and put in an allied POW camp for a short time until after the war officially ended. But, Ratzinger did had good probable cause to oppose much of the Nazi mindset as as one young cousin was taken away and murdered because he suffered from Down Syndrome.

The Catholic Church claims a lineage for their popes the that dates back to Saint Peter, one of the original 12 apostles. However, there are many other religious scholars who dispute this claimed lineage with Saint Peter, actually claiming that it was James, who was the brother of Jesus who was actually the first leader of the apostles after the execution of Jesus. Roman Catholics have a strong fixation on Mary, the mother of Jesus, strongly supporting an erroneous doctrine claiming her to be a virgin throughout her life, never having sexual relations with her husband, Joseph. But, other Christians scholars quickly dismiss this as a false teaching, citing evidence also contained in Scripture and other examples which supports that fact that Jesus was one of several children born into Mary and Joseph’s family, although many Christian scholars still believe that Jesus himself was the sacred offspring conceived by God, and not by Joesph.

Besides the problems with sexual scandals plaguing his term as Pope, Benedict had many other problems within his troubled organization. Just recently, a Catholic hospital attempted to escape a wrongful death lawsuit in Colorado by claiming that twin unborn boys, who died after their mother died from a medical problem while under care, were not persons. The Catholic hospital group, Catholic Health Initiatives, now claims that it was morally wrong and contrary to church teachings to offer up such a legal defense against the lawsuit, now claiming that lawyers for the church will now look for an alternative defense to offer. For many years the church had been so prolife that it even opposed birth control among church members, making the legal defense of the unborn not a person very surprising.

Pope Benedict would have had you believe that he was some sort of reluctant leader of the estimated one billion Catholics worldwide. But, the truth is that he seemed to enjoy his role as leader of the world’s largest Christian sect until an endless chain of scandals, some reaching very close to his hand picked leaders within the Vatican only seemed to sap the energy and emotional will from this pope. He might have been a scholarly man and well intentioned to do what was right, but he seemed like a feeble manager to a huge religious organization that was deeply troubled and falling into serious crisis problems under his watch. If the church was a more open and democratic organization, much like your average corporate organization, likely this pope would have been fired at some point to stop this organization from all of it’s own spiritual bleeding.

Unfortunately, this pontiff seemed like such a controversial letdown following the very popular Pope John Paul II, who was so greatly admired worldwide, who was so inspirational. But, under his unsteady and weak leadership, this pontiff really failed to be the strong and respected spiritual leader that this huge religious organization really needed at this point in time. The fact of the matter is that this organization has lost so much respect under his watch, and Benedict leaves this organization in a far weaker position than when took over.

In a troubled organization that is not democratic in nature, where it is exceedingly difficult to get rid of a troubled leader, the Catholic Church leadership only allowed this troubled church administration to continue way too long. Other organizations have a more clear path to remove bad leadership. But, you cannot easily impeach or vote a bad pontiff out of office, despite all of the evidence that the control of this church had long since slipped into severe problems long ago under his failed leadership attempts.

If this religion is viewed merely in business terms, it had easily had to be viewed as the world’s worst managed big corporation. No other large organization would have been plagued with so much sexual abuse and crime like this, without a big shakeup of the top leadership. This pontiff resigning is something long overdue if this seriously ethically challenged organization is actually sincere about attempts to spiritually reform and to make efforts to be right in the eyes of God.

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