Grammy Awards Spread The Honors

It seemed like no one single act dominated the 55th annual Grammy Awards last night. Honors were spread among many acts with all but only a few winning more than just one award. Acts such as Mumford And Sons would win one award, acts like Fun would win another. But, it was some great live performances such as Justin Timberlake, presented in classic black & white that seemed to really razzle and dazzle, proving that the White boy has game after all doing soulful performances.

Taylor Swift opened the show with an Alice In Wonderland themed song number, once again proving her star appeal far beyond the limited appeal of Country & Western shitck. Her slick pop-tinged act is sure light years from the old singing cowboy roots of the country music genre in olden days past.

Some critics noted that the show was the most hip hop friendly in years, since mainstream rock music seems to have declined in popularity in more recent years where many White acts such as Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber are very noticeably viewed as hip hop influenced acts. But, Justin Timberlake’s performance at the Grammy Awards was indeed a great one, and one of the best performances in the show.

And despite the stricter dress code that CBS attempted to enforce this year, forcing more conservative dress, the 55th annual music awards appeared to be a huge success and the ratings from the show should also prove that fact.

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