Daniel Craig Looks To DVD Release Of SKYFALL

Daniel Craig’s stock as a major actor will certainly rise a little bit more when SKYFALL, that latest and long delayed James Bond franchise epic is released on DVD and Bluray in the U.S. on Tuesday. The 23rd James Bond action film grossed over $1 billion according to latest reports days only ago. And while the film continues to make the rounds in some second-run movie theaters, the film is being quickly released to home DVD on Tuesday.

Critic such as Roger Ebert praised Daniel Craig’s acting in SKYFALL, where despite being a great actor, Ebert viewed Daniel Craig’s vision of James Bond as “unconvincing” in the previous two films. Ebert now believes that Daniel Craig “owns” the role of James Bond with SKYFALL.

Production of the film was put on the back-burner during 2010 as MGM went through some serious financial woes including bankruptcy. Finally in December of 2010 through January of 2011, the film was put back into production, becoming the biggest grossing James Bond film ever by crossing that $1 billion dollar threshold.

Craig has reportedly signed a contract to do two more outings as James Bond to be released in 2014 and 2016, and will be paid $48 million dollars, up sharply from the $4.7 million he earned for appearing as James Bond in 2006 epic, CASINO ROYALE.

Sean Connery earned an average of $335,000 for his appearances in the first James Bond films. George Lazenby took over the role for just one film, earning $706,000, before Connery returned to do DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. Roger Moore earned $9.7 per film average in his long run in the series, making the role sometimes often more comic than the previous two actors which often played the role much more seriously than Moore, who seemed to have a lot of fun with the role. Timothy Dalton earned $8.3 million average for two film appearances as a more serious acting and less humorous James Bond. Pierce Brosnan, looked like James Bond, but seemed to hardly really fill the shoes as an actor, but earned $16 million for DIE ANOTHER DAY, a critically slammed James Bond film that made the producers rethink the series and look to another actor to get back to the old formula hardcore action film formula of the Sean Connery days. Daniel Craig seems to play James Bond as a real tough guy, although an appearance on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE last season proved that this guy could be very funny if he wants to be.

QUANTUM OF SOLACE brought in Craig $11 million for that role in that 2008 film, only proving that box office success will raise your pay as actor. The successful DVD release will add more proof that Daniel Craig is now money in the bank, leading to better pay for any role he now takes on. James Bond may be all business on the big screen, but you can bet that actor Daniel Craig is sure smiling all the way to the bank right about now.

What does all this mean? Bonds, stocks and bonds…..

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