Mattel To Launch New 1966 BATMAN Series Figures

Huge business news for fans of the original 1966 ABC TV series BATMAN. Mattel will unveil a new line of 6inch tall action figures that bear a striking resemblance to Adam West and Burt Ward from the series, as well as the popular villains from the series. The 6inch tall, 1/12th scale figures will only cost about $15 each, with a huge Batmobile also available as well.

One toy retailer, Entertainment Earth, seems to be in full comics geek hysteria already, and you can expect more than a few comic geek wet dreams to be propelled forward if they also release a sexy catwoman figure as well, with her tight outfit, whip and protruding breasts. You can bet that more than a few comic geeks will be wearing their BATMAN bathrobes and slippers and be handling that toy and another toy real well.

But, more seriously, fans of this great bit of 1960’s television will be more than overjoyed here, where many adult fans of the old series probably will buy these figures and never take them out of the box. If only they had these when I was a kid, they might well be saying.

It is a little bit of shame that these are 6inch rather than 12inch figures, though. 6inch figures never seem to have quite the popularity or the collectors value of the bigger 12inch figures it seems. There’s even a few 12inch GI JOE figures, from Mattel’s big competitor, Hasbro, that are worth as much as $6000 if still in their original boxes.

Look for more big news from next week’s Toy Fair 2013, as this giant trade show introduces more great toys that retailers will want to stock well before the next Christmas season. ‘Tis the season for trade shows, now that the big auto shows and the big adult expo and electronics shows have had their events. Now, it is the chance for toys to take center stage next week.

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