THE BIG BANG THEORY Gains More Ratings Power

One of the biggest pastimes of the cast of THE BIG BANG THEORY is to rejoice over their huge ratings strength as the show now has a weekly average viewership of about 18 million viewers. The show is now second only to NCIS, with just over 22 million viewers a week in overall scripted show ratings strength right now. It’s also helped to pull TWO AND A HALF MEN up to stronger ratings as well, where the show now gets over 13 million viewers a week on the strong Thursday night lineup of CBS shows. TWO AND A HALF MEN now looks like a strong bet to be renewed for as long as the cast and the producers want to do the show, narrowly surviving the Charlie Sheen mess.

The cast of THE BIG BANG THEORY has great cast chemistry and the cast really enjoys doing the show, and are just grateful to have this much success. That’s a formula for a long run for this show. Expect many more seasons for this huge hit show.

CBS should also be pretty proud of last week’s ratings, where their coverage of the Super Bowl drew a peak audience of 108.7 million viewers, totally blowing their competition off the charts where shows on FOX, NBC and ABC were ranked as low as #120 among all shows for the week, because so few viewers were watching when the Super Bowl was airing on CBS.

CBS also had some good news as their Friday shows, BLUE BLOODS, CSI: NY and UNDERCOVER BOSS all ranked among the top 20 shows, an incredible feat for Friday TV programming. Normally, Friday shows are known for weak ratings. This is also good news for CSI:NY which has been mentioned as being a prime candidate for cancellation at the end of this season. Another CBS show, VEGAS also scored high enough in ratings to highly likely avoid cancellation as well.

FOX also had a little good news as well, where AMERICAN IDOL is still a top ten item, although not with the ratings strength of previous years. And THE FOLLOWING is a top 20 hit, also pulling BONES up to top 20 ratings as well. This is the best ratings for BONES ever.

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