Celebrity Skin: Grace Park

Korean-American-Canadian actress Grace Park plays that hot babe detective on HAWAII FIVE-O on CBS each week. And man is she hot! The 38 year old actress has played a sexy Cylon(that’s Cylon, not Krylon, Krylon is a can of paint!) on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA from 2004-2009, which unfortunately was her only really full nude scene before a camera. But, the actress has played sexy roles in other films such as ROMEO MUST DIE.

Although she was born in Los Angeles, the family of the actress moved to Vancouver, Canada when she was a mere 22months old, and she was raised up North there where she earned herself a psychology degree from the University Of British Columbia. That’s a good degree to have. She can explain to guys why they get so damn horny looking at her!

Some polls have proved that most men have many sexual fantasies about hot Asian girls. And Grace Park is one of the hottest around. I love Oriental girls as well, but the only problem I seem to have is that an hour later, I’m still horny.

Thank God Grace Park’s family was from a South Korean background and they were able to enjoy all of the freedom to travel between the U.S. and Canada. From what I understand the sexy babe situation in North Korea is so dire, that most men are still going to bed horny.

Well, I probably hung enough jokes on what would be a normally pretty excellent sexy babe feature here. Just try to enjoy what I haven’t ruined for you here….

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  • MunDane68

    Did you ever notice that on CBS, no matter the drama, they MUST have at least one Ethnic female? I mean, they could run a show about the Purple Gang in Prohibition era Chicago and it would have a black or hispanic woman in the cast.

    • I’ll tell you how that came about, Mundane. A few years ago when FRIENDS was so popular on NBC, some analysts began to be critical of the big networks for having all White casts once again, when only a few years earlier many shows like DIFFEN’RENT STROKES and other shows made great strides to have mixed race casts. CBS was also in the crosshairs of some critics for having the most popular comedies on TV in recent years, but having few ethnic characters, so public pressure had a lot to do with either creating shows with diverse casts or else adding more ethnic characters.

      But, I like a lot of these ethnic characters, because they’re funny personalities. As a kid I was raised in a ghetto area where most of my classmates were Black, and I got along great with most of the kids. The worst fist fights I ever had were with other White kids. One fight I had with a kid that was part of a bully group sent him to the hospital. He underestimated how moltivated I was to survive and fight and prove something to him and hoodlum friends. I was the victim of a real abusive childhood at home at times, because my dad was real frustrated about a lot of very serious things, and I was used to getting punched out on a pretty regular basis, so acting like a lonewolf against a whole gang wasn’t a real big thing to me. But, strangely my close friendship with many Blacks from my childhood led me to my current girlfriend, who’s both White and Jewish, although most her family are Black. My brother always loves Mexicans a lot, and has a Mexican girlfriend. I always had a lot of Asian friends as well, and have liked a few Asian girls a great deal, although I’ve only dated White girls who were mostly raised as Catholics like me, although I later attended a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall for a while because I had some friends I liked a great deal who were very nice folks. But, I really just seemed too out there to really fit in with these church members. After I lost both parents and my dog in a 94 day period in 2007 to death from old age, I started to turn a little hard inside, and started to see myself slowly get involved in more biker culture. My brother is a reformed ex-con, and I needed to keep order with his situation, because I didn’t want him to be more problems. But, he’s been mostly good. My current girlfriend is actually my second Jewish galpal in my life.

      I think Grace Park is a real babe. She’s got that tall and slender look like a model. And this piece gave me a chance to hang a few funny jokes on a sexy piece as well. I can certainly appreciate a fine lady, no matter her ethnic group, or funny actors, no matter their ethnic group, because my own life has had so many diverse relationships and friendships in it. I’m not always sure how these CBS shows with mixed casts always play in some all White areas of the country, but I think most people just look at so many personalities as just being talented and respect that talent.

      I also have to admire at how similar the Black and Jewish entertainer moltivations are. Both, might have started out from disadvantaged backgrounds, so developing oneself into an entertainer became a way out of poverty for so many, leading to so many very talented Jewish and Black entertainers. It was surprising to see Grace Park go into acting, because she might have pursued a psychology career, but with her beautiful model looks, she has a great look as well as talent.

  • MunDane68

    That is cool, Paul

    I grew up in SoCal when the Vietnamese boat people began arriving. We had two Ngyuen families on the block and one Cambodian.

    I got to be good friends with one of the Vietnamese, not because of anything more than looking up how to say, “hello” to the parents.

    As far as Hawai’i 5-0 goes, they need someone who can play a nisei Japanese, and while I think getting a Korean to play a Japanese half-breed is kinda funny in a “heh” kind of way, why did they make her name sound like a bad Disney character…

    • I really love Vietnamese food. My first business was a record store, and some Vietnamese customers always gave me great food when they came in to buy music. That mix of French and Asian culture is great. Grace Park looks really Korean to me, so attempting to pass her off as part Japanese, like many Hawaiians is pretty funny, I agree.

      A few years ago, many of the more native Hawaiians began to resent many of the Whites as well as Japanese, which was really sad, because they were a lot more friendly up to that point. But, I think some resent their native culture becoming more and more diluted, and real estate prices so high that many cannot afford to live. Many might feel under assault and siege with too many developers, too many Mormons, too many Japanese claiming too much of their land.

      Strangely, what Japan could not win by force during WWII, seems to have been won through the sheer strength of the Japanese economy to buy up as much of Hawaii as possible.