Dick Morris To Appear On Piers Morgan’s CNN Show

Fresh from being fired from FOX NEWS as a political analyst, former friend of Bill Clinton, turned conservative, Dick Morris will appear on Piers Morgan’s talk show on CNN. Morris will likely become the latest conservative to be put on the spot to defend his views against the combatant British journalist, Piers Morgan. Morris should have a lot to defend, as he has been become best known for his wildly off-base political predictions in the last few years. As one prime recent example, Morris inaccurately predicted a landslide win by Republican challenger, Mitt Romney in the election. President Obama not only won that election by nearly 5 million votes, but also won the electoral college by a landslide margin of 332 to 206 electoral votes. The president also won 26 states plus the District Of Columbia, far from being a Mitt Romney landslide as well.

During the Clinton Administration years, Dick Morris gained some celebrity status for his insights into Bill Clinton, but seems to have been operating his role as a political pundit on borrowed time after Clinton left office because his opinions seemed less and less relevant since those years, and his political insights were most often woefully wrong and off-base.

Some news sources such as THE GUARDIAN have proclaimed Dick Morris to be the “worst pundit in America” because of a track record of some many wrong predictions. Now, it appears that FOX NEWS has decided that is too much of a liability for the network, and has not renewed his contract as the network searches for some other pundit with a better track record of predictions to elevate.

Dick Morris probably will find his visit to Piers Morgan’s CNN program a challenging experience. Morris will be hard pressed to defend his wrong predictions. After this appearance on TV, you can pretty much expect Dick Morris to join the scrap heap of retired political pundits with little chance of a comeback.

Morris does have a website, DickMorris.com. But, the site hardly has much content on it, where this guy is hardly well qualified as a political pundit by any means. He has few opinions to share, and is usually wrong in his views as well. Morris will supposedly share what the Republican Party must do to win national elections again on the Piers Morgan show. But, likely the first step is not to even listen to irrelevant personalities like Dick Morris. Part of the problem with the internal polling of the failed 2012 Romney-Ryan Campaign was listening to wrong advice from those that were supposed to be political experts, adjusting polls to the point of inaccuracy, and untested and faulty software that failed to get out voters by election day. Angry political donors thought that the campaign was run more like some college class homework assignment rather than a serious professional effort. The fact was that the better campaign effort won the 2012 election, and that effort certainly wasn’t managed by the Romney-Ryan Campaign.

For Dick Morris, his 15 minutes of fame as a political pundit are likely now finally over as both conservatives as well as the Republican Party look for a far better spokesman and political pundit to better represent them. Conservative political personalities remain very popular in the ratings. However, Dick Morris appears to be the least talented of any bigger name conservative these days.

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