Celebrity Skin: Courteney Cox

Best known for her role on FRIENDS as well as role in COUGAR TOWN and DIRT, as well as the SCREAM franchise horror movies, Alabama-born Courteney Cox has long been a fan favorite ever since she was first featured in the 1984 Bruce Springteen music video, “Dancing In The DarK” and then later on FAMILY TIES, as Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend. She was once the wife of goofy actor, David Arquette. At the age of 48, she’s still a real babe.

The actress had a little wardrobe malfunction at the beach one day when her bikini top slipped a little bit. But, on another occasion, Courteney Cox dedided to take a topless beach walk with pal, Kate Moss.

There’s something that many fans of the actress want to see!

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